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Thousand Foot Krutch

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Thousand Foot Krutch
Thousand Foot Krutch in June 2009 (From L to R) Vocalist Trevor McNevan and Bassist Joel Bruyere
Thousand Foot Krutch in June 2009
(From L to R) Vocalist Trevor McNevan and Bassist Joel Bruyere
Background information
OriginPeterborough, Ontario, Canada
GenresChristian rock,[1] nu metal,[2] rap metal,[1] hard rock[3][4]
Years active1995–present
LabelsDJD Recordings, Tooth & Nail, Independent
MembersTrevor "Teerawk" McNevan
Steve Augustine
Joel Bruyere
Past member(s)Neil Sanderson
Dave Smith
Pat Pedasiuk
Geoff "Johnny Orbital" Laforet
Christian Harvey
Tim Baxter
Myke Harrison
Ty Dietzler

Thousand Foot Krutch is a Canadian Christian hard rock band that was formed in 1997.

They have released a number of albums (including 2 remix albums) the latest being Exhale, sequel to Oxygen: Inhale.

While TFK had rap influences, obvious with Trevor's vocals in earlier TFK albums, "The Flame In All Of Us" and "Welcome To the Masquerade" have moved away from that, and used a more rock-based sound. But "The End Is Where We Begin" returns to the band's Rap roots.

While "The Last Song" from "The Flame In All Of Us", has been thought by some to be an outro from the band, TFK still continues touring, and Trevor has said that they were very tired, and it's only a sarcastic "Here it all is: love it or hate it".

Touring[change | change source]

The band is known for a lot of touring. They usually do 200 concerts in a year.

Spring 2008 (march to may) is when TFK went on the comatose Tour (see Concert) and performed in over 30 cities. They have toured with bands such as Skillet.

About the band[change | change source]

The name Thousand Foot Krutch came from the belief that God is a crutch you can lean on, even if your problems pile a thousand feet high. What they mean is, you can ask God for help even if you have very serious or many problems in your life.

They have gone through certain line-up changes. For example, Steve Augustine has not always been a part of the band, and Christian Harvey was their original drummer.

Studio albums[change | change source]

  1. That's What People Do (1997)
  2. Set it Off (2001)
  3. Phenomenon (2003)
  4. The Art of Breaking (2005)
  5. The Flame in All of Us (2007)
  6. Welcome To The Masquerade (2009)
  7. The End Is Where We Begin (2012)
  8. Made In Canada: The 1998-2010 Collection (2013)
  9. Oxygen: Inhale (2014)
  10. Exhale (2016)

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