Ticino (river)

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Pavia Ponte Coperto.JPG
The river Ticino and the Old Bridge of Pavia
(medieval in date)
Origin Val Bedretto, Ticino, Switzerland
Mouth River Po, south-east of Pavia, Italy
Basin countries Switzerland, Italy
Length 248 km (154 mi)
Source elevation about 2,200 m (7,200 ft)
Avg. discharge at Magadino: 69 m³/s
Basin area 7,228 km2 (2,791 sq mi)
A covered bridge over the Ticino, in Pavia

The Ticino river is a river that originates in the Alps, near Nufenen. It then flows through the Swiss canton of Ticino and northern Italy. It flows into the river Po, near Pavia. It is 270 km long. It gave its name to the canton. In Switzerland, it is dammed to make electricity. In Italy, it is mainly used for irrigation. The river flows through Lago Maggiore.