Tilia nasczokinii

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Tilia nasczokinii
Scientific classification
Tilia nasczokinii

Binomial name
Tilia nasczokinii

Tilia nasczokinii (Nasczokin's linden or Nasczokin's lime) is a shrub or tree in the family Malvaceae. The species is rare, and grows in Siberia, Russia. Its habitat is coniferous Pinus sylvestris forests. It is deciduous, and grows up to 20 m. high.

The species was named after Vladimir D. Nashchokin (Russian: Владимир Дмитриевич Нащокин), a Russian botanist.

Botanical details[change | change source]

Tilia nasczokinii is a mesophyte, shade-tolerant, entomophylous plant.

Leaves are cordate, ovate, or broadly ovate, their length is 5—15 cm. Inflorescens 1-3-flowered. Flowers are small, white-yellow, their diameter is 0.8—1 cm, stigmata are stellate. Ovary is stripe-hairy. Long hairs and short hairs are in longitudinal, alternating rows. Young ovary with white hairs, mature ovary with rusty hairs. A fruit is flat-spherical.

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