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Tok Pisin

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Tok Pisin
Native toPapua New Guinea
Native speakers
122,000 (2004)
4 million L2 speakers
English Creole
  • Pacific
    • Tok Pisin
Official status
Official language in
 Papua New Guinea
Language codes
ISO 639-2tpi
ISO 639-3tpi
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Tok Pisin (pronounced: /ˌtɔːk ˈpɪsɪn/) is a market language used in parts of the South Pacific, mainly Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, but also in areas of Vanuatu, where a second language known as Bislama is also spoken. A market language is one which is used as an everyday language between people who don't speak a common language.

Tok Pisin is a Creole language, meaning that it's a mixture of other languages, mainly English, German and Tahitian.