Tokyo Medical and Dental University

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Tokyo Medical and Dental University
MottoCultivating Professionals with Knowledge and Humanity
TypeNational university
Medical school
PresidentTakashi Ohyama
Academic staff
677 [1]
Administrative staff
Undergraduates1,380 [1]
Postgraduates1,409 [2]
Other students
Location, ,
ColorsBloom Gold     
Mission Blue     

Tokyo Medical and Dental University (東京医科歯科大学, Tōkyō ika shika daigaku) or TMDU in short,[3] is a Japanese national university in Tokyo.

Structure[change | change source]

TMDU has three campuses. One is the Kounodai (国府台) campus. The closest station to the campus is Ichikawa Station. Freshmen learn liberal arts and sciences there. By being on the outskirts of Tokyo, Kounodai campus is in a rich natural environment. The others are Yushima (湯島) and Surugadai (駿河台) campus. The closest station to the campuses is Ochanomizu Station. Upperclassmen learn their speciality there.

TMDU has faculty of medicine and faculty of dentistry.[4][5] There are also two graduate schools, medical and dental sciences and health care sciences; four undergraduate faculties - medicine, dentistry, health care sciences and oral health care sciences; two university hospitals;[6] an undergraduate college of liberal arts and sciences; and two research institutes, the institute of biomaterials and bioengineering and the medical research institute.[7]

Outline[change | change source]

The university was founded under the name of "Tokyo National School of Dentistry" as the first dental education institution in 1928. Then in 1951, it was reestablished with the faculty of medicine as Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

In world university ranking in 2011-2012 of Times Higher Education, TMDU is the 276~300th place, the 35th place in Asia, the 10th place in Japan.

Goals[change | change source]

TMDU's education philosophy is:

  • To give students a broad education and a rich sensibility
  • To teach creative people who can diagnose and solve problems by themselves
  • To teach medical professionals with a rich international quality

Notable alumni[change | change source]

Getting into TMDU[change | change source]

To enter TMDU, students should pass 2 types of exams: the National Center Test for University Admissions and the university's own exam.

Access[change | change source]

Yushima campus[change | change source]

  • 2-minute walk from Marunouchi Subway, Ochanomizu Station
  • 3-minute walk from JR Chūō-Sōbu Line, Ochanomizu Station
  • 4-minute walk from Chiyoda Subway, Shin-Ochanomizu Station

Kounodai campus[change | change source]

  • 10-minute walk from Keisei line, Konodai Station
  • 20 mitutes by bus from JR Chuo / Sobu Line, Ichikawa Station   

Features[change | change source]

  • Sparkling lights from the TMDU laboratories until midnight all year round is one of the features of Ochanomizu.

On Christmas Day, there are sparkling lights in the shape of a Christmas tree on M&D Tower.

Yushima campus buildings[change | change source]

  • M&D Tower

 …on your left side when looking from Ochanomizu Station.

  • Medical Building

 …in the middle of M&D Tower and Dental Building.

  • Dental Building

 …on your right side when looking from Ochanomizu Station.

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