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Tom Kennedy

James Edward Narz (born February 26, 1927), known professionally as Tom Kennedy, is a former American television personality. He is best known for his work in game shows.[1] He is the younger brother of game show host Jack Narz. He was born in Louisville, Kentucky.

Kennedy hosted many game shows over his lifetime. His most successful shows were You Don't Say! (aired on NBC from 1963-1969 and on ABC in 1975), Split Second (1972-1975), Name That Tune (1974-1981), and Password Plus (1980-1982; took over for original host Allen Ludden after Ludden's death). He also hosted other shows such as Whew! (1979-1980), Body Language (1984-1986), and a syndicated version of The Price is Right (1985-1986). He retired in 1989.

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