Tommy Lynn Sells

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Tommy Lynn Sells (June 28, 1964 – April 3, 2014) was an American serial killer.[1] Sells is believed to have committed at least 22 murders.

Sells and his twin sister were born in Kingsport, Tennessee. She died of meningitis at 18 months old. He was raised in Holcomb, Missouri by his aunt.

Sells was a homeless heavy drinker and drug addict who travelled across the United States. Prior to being prosecuted for murder, he had served prison sentences for theft and malicious wounding. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, personality disorders, addictions and psychosis.[1]

Sells' killing spree lasted from 1980 until 1999. He was caught on January 2, 2000. Sells was convicted of murder. He was executed on April 3, 2014 with lethal injection in Huntsville, Texas, aged 49.[2]

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