Tone River

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Tone River
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Physical characteristics
SourceMount Ōminakami
 - locationMinakami, Gunma
 - coordinates37°03′16″N 139°06′05″E / 37.05444°N 139.10139°E / 37.05444; 139.10139
 - elevation1,831 m (6,007 ft)
MouthPacific Ocean
 - locationChōshi, Chiba
 - coordinates35°44′45″N 140°51′07″E / 35.74583°N 140.85194°E / 35.74583; 140.85194Coordinates: 35°44′45″N 140°51′07″E / 35.74583°N 140.85194°E / 35.74583; 140.85194
 - elevation0 m (0 ft)
Length322 km (200 mi)
Basin size16,840 km2 (6,500 sq mi)
 - average256 m3/s (9,000 cu ft/s)
Tone River Route

The Tone River (Japanese: 利根川) is a large river that runs through the Kanto region of Japan from northwest to southeast. It is the second longest river in Japan after the Shinano River. The river basin area is the largest in Japan.