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A beach towel

A towel is a form of cloth or paper used for drying things. There are many types of towels, such as a beach towel and a washcloth, a small towel used for cleaning dishes and bodies. Towels have many different uses, such as drying yourself after a shower, or wiping a table clean.

For the body, fabric terry towels are mainly used, consisting mainly of cotton fibers due to their high absorbency (reaching up to 300%).

Fabric towels belong to the group of piece textiles. Textile towels often have a sewn loop with which they can be hung on wall furniture hooks for use (previously it was recommended to sew a loop at both ends so that the towel wears out more evenly). In addition to hooks, towels can also be placed in a state thrown over a barbell, and thanks to this straightened suspension, they dry faster. Fabric towels can have finishes such as lace, embroidery, appliques and others.

Disposable towels can be made both in piece form and in a roll, both from paper and non-woven material.