Towson University

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TU's high rise dorm, the Residence Tower.

Towson University (TU) is a public university in Towson, Maryland. The university has about 20,856[1] students. It was founded in 1866. The current president of the university is Dr. Kim Schatzel.[2]

History[change | change source]

It started in Baltimore as State Norman School in 1866. TU moved to Towson in 1915. In 1935, the name was changed to State Teachers College at Towson because Maryland opened more colleges. In 1963, TU became Towson State College. In 1976 the name changed to Towson State University. Finally, in 1997, it became Towson University.[3]

Sports[change | change source]

The athletics teams of the university are called the Tigers. They have 18 varsity teams and they compete in the Colonial Athletic Association.

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