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Toyota Century

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The Toyota Century was a sedan that was built between the 1960s and the 1990s. It is now considered as an old luxury car.Toyota has also launched an SUV version of the old Toyota century which is new but looks very similar to the old one. The Toyota century had a very good look in black but offers a good built quality and safety. It compares with the old Mercedes S-class and the old BMW 7 series it also compares with the old Audi A8.Coming back to the new SUV version of the Toyota century, it's main feature is the luxury and the fact that it is very special like the Rolls Royce Culianan. Toyota said that there will be a convertible version of this Toyota century. The main reason Toyota has done all this because they have noticed that so many people liked the old one and for a change It's now a SUV which makes it more practical for the luxury that the passengers get along with the luggage space provided. And because of their enthusiasm they gave a option for a convertible so people can enjoy the sun on top their head whenever they would like to.