Transantarctic Mountains

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Transantarctic Mountains
The Transantarctic Mountains in northern Victoria Land near Cape Roberts
Highest point
Peak Mount Kirkpatrick
Elevation 4,528 m (14,856 ft)
Coordinates 84°20′S 166°25′E / 84.333°S 166.417°E / -84.333; 166.417
Length 3,500 km (2,200 mi)
Antarctica major geographical features.jpg
Continent Antarctica
Range coordinates 85°S 175°W / 85°S 175°W / -85; -175Coordinates: 85°S 175°W / 85°S 175°W / -85; -175
Period Cenozoic

The Transantarctic Mountains are a mountain range in the continent of Antarctica. It divides the continent into eastern and western region. It extends for over 3200 km.

The Antarctic Peninsula to the west is not part of this range.

Life in the interior of the Transantarctic Range is limited to bacteria,[1] lichens, algae and fungi.

The name "Transantarctic Mountains" was first used in 1960, in a paper by geologist Warren Hamilton.[2]

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