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Truthout is a political website aimed at providing another choice to mainstream news sources. It was started after the 2000 presidential election with the idea of, in its own words, "hoping to reach a few people, have some small impact on the dialogue, and maybe try to restore a little integrity."[1]

Some of its authors include William Rivers Pitt, Jason Leopold, Scott Galindez, David Bacon, Dean Baker, Tom Engelhardt, William Fisher, Dahr Jamail, Ray McGovern, J. Sri Raman, Norman Solomon, David Swanson and James Zogby. The website has reported a lot on the anti-war movement and helped to make Cindy Sheehan better known by using many of her writings. Attention is also given to problems including the environment, work (and work ethic), women, health, and voter rights. Its articles are now carried by press release information centers like World News, Scoop Newzealand and California News.

Truthout is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (a charity).[1] In 2012, the company took in over $1,900,000.[2]

The website also had a blog where visitors can talk about various issues or specific articles, which was taken down a short time ago.

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