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The Tweenies is a TV show for children shown on the BBC in the United Kingdom. The show is set in a preschool attended by the four Tweenies: Milo, Jake, Bella and Fizz, also with two adults Max and Judy, and two dogs, Doodles and Izzles. The theme song is "Hey, hey, are you ready to play". It was first shown on 6 September 1999. It is made by Tell-Tale Productions for BBC Television. Hit songs from the show include "I Believe In Christmas", "Number 1" which went into the Top 10, "Best Friends Forever", "Do The Lollipop", "Have Fun, Go Mad!" which went into the Top 20.[1] They also have a number 56 hit album and a number 34 hit Christmas album.[1] Video games include an action game by BBC Multimedia/Tell-Tale called "Tweenies: Doodles' Bones" which was released in 2001[2] and a compilation game by BBC Multimedia/Various called "Tweenies: Game Time" which was released in 2003.[3]

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