Ultraman (manga)

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GenreAction-adventure, science fiction[1]
Written byEiichi Shimizu
Illustrated byTomohiro Shimoguchi
Published byShogakukan
English publisher
MagazineMonthly Hero's
Original runOctober 1, 2011 – present
Volumes10 (List of volumes)
Directed by
Released 2019 scheduled

Ultraman (stylized as ULTRAMAN) is a manga written by Eiichi Shimizu and drawn by Tomohiro Shimoguchi of Linebarrels of Iron fame. Published in Monthly Hero's since the magazine's inaugural issue,[2] it is a manga sequel of the 1966 Ultraman television series.[3][4] The series has been collected in 10 volumes as of July 2017.[5][6][7] A 3DCG anime adaptation co-produced by Production I.G and Sola Digital Arts is scheduled for release in 2019.

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