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University of Asia Pacific

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University of Asia Pacific (UAP) was made in 1996 as a private university. It was made under the Private University Act 1992. It has a vision to enhance the opportunities for higher education in Bangladesh.

Its curriculum has been approved by The University Grants Commission of the Government of Bangladesh. The university started its operation, i.e. the first semester of classes, in 1996. They offered four-year bachelor degree programs in Computer Science and Technology and Business Administration only. Now UAP has undergraduate programs in Architecture, Business Administration, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering and Pharmacy.


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UAP has been sponsored by University of Asia Pacific Foundation, a non-profit, non-commercial organization based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The aim of the Foundation is to promote human and social development through, inter alia, improved educational opportunities, innovative educational programs relevant to the needs of an emerging society and to develop skills, know how and awareness of the youth through appropriate institutional means.

The foundation has been made by a group of eminent educationists, industrialists and administrators who share the same vision and social commitments. The University of Asia Pacific is the first project of the foundation aimed for these goals.