Unter uns

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Unter uns is a German soap opera. It has been on television since 1994. It is on from Monday to Friday.

The series is about the people who live in the fictitious Schillerallee 10 in Cologne.

Characters[change | change source]

Main roles[change | change source]

Actor Role Duration Job Connections
Petra Blossey Irene Weigel, née. Schwarz 1994– Owner of the Schillerallee 10 and co-owner of the Konditorei Weigel Widow of Wolfgang; mother of Chris, Till and Anna; adoptive mother of Nick; stepmother of Rolf and Sina; sister of Olaf; aunt of Antonia and Paco; grandmother of Cecilia, Conor and Noah; mother-in-law of Corinna; ex-girlfriend of Christoph and Florian
Isabell Hertel Ute Fink, née. Kiefer 1995– Co-owner of the Schiller and the Pension Maybach Daughter of Edeltraud; mother of Conor; wife of Henning; ex-wife of Gideon and Till; stepmother of Micki and Moritz; One night stand of Paul
Milos Vukovic Paco Weigel 2000– Personaltrainer, Owner of the Turnhalle Deluxe Son of Ulrich; nephew of Irene and Wolfgang; cousin of Chris, Till, Anna, Nick, Rolf and Sina; ex-husband of Lara and Anna; ex-girlfriend of Ruth, Franziska and Leonie; ex-affair of Charlotte and Heidi, affair of Sonja
Ben Ruedinger Tilmann "Til" Weigel 2000– Co-owner of the Konditorei Weigel, self-employed in advertising 2nd performer of this role

Son of Irene and Wolfgang; father of Conor and Noah; brother of Chris and Anna; adoptive brother of Nick; half-brother of Rolf and Sina; cousin of Antonia and Paco; nephew of Olaf and Ulrich; grandchild of Margot; uncle of Cecilia, Fiona and Marie; husband of Eva; ex-husband of Ute; ex-boyfriend of Heidi

Claudelle Deckert Eva Wagner 2001–2006
Lawyer Daughter of Heike; sister of Meike; mother of Noah; aunt of Suji; wife of Till; ex-fiancée of Adrian; ex-girlfriend of Björn and Malte; ex-affair of Tobias and Johannes
Stefan Bockelmann Malte Winter 2001– Co-owner of the Schiller and the Pension-Maybach Son of Renate; brother of Björn and Sascha; adoptive father of Lili; cousin of Easy; husband of Britta; stepfather of Micki and Moritz; ex-husband of Rebecca; ex-boyfriend of Pauline, Kelly and Eva; ex-affair of Romy and Heike
Kai Noll Rufus Sturm 2003– Author and taxi driver Father of René, Romy and Lotta; adoptive father of Oliver; uncle of Lili; widower of Rebecca; ex-husband of Irma and Ariane; boyfriend of Anna; ex-boyfriend of Pia; one night stand of Heidi
Lars Steinhöfel Ingo "Easy" Winter 2005– Photographer and employee in Büdchen Nephew of Renate; cousin of Björn, Sascha and Malte; ex-husband of Charlotte; ex-boyfriend of Romy, Lili and Suji; boyfriend of Joe
Patrick Müller Tobias Lassner 2006– Lawyer, owner of t-time.fm and Stinker, the Dog Son of Pia and Paul; stepson of Sonja; half-brother of Marie, Ringo and Kira; husband of Micki; son-in-law of Britta and Henning; brother-in-law of Moritz; ex-boyfriend of Romy; ex-affair of Silke, Eva and Sina
Joy Lee Juana Abiola-Müller Michelle "Micki" Lassner, née. Fink 2009– Owner of Stinker, the Dog Daughter of Britta and Henning; sister of Moritz; stepdaughter of Ute; stepsister of Conor; wife of Tobias; stepdaughter of Pia and Paul; ex-girlfriend of Bela; she is infecting with HIV
Tabea Heynig Britta Schönfeld 2010– Model Mother of Micki and Moritz; stepmother of Lili; wife of Malte; ex-fiancée of Henning and Rolf; ex-girlfriend of Michael; affair of Sascha; stepmother of Tobias
Marvin Linke Moritz Schönfeld 2010– Trainee as a mechatronics technician Son of Britta and Henning; brother of Micki; stepbrother of Lili and Conor; ex-boyfriend of Lili, Sina and Kira; brother-in-law of Tobias
Vales Katharina Scalabrino Sina Uhland 2010– Schoolgirl Daughter of Marianne and Wolfgang; half-sister of Chris, Till, Anna, Nick and Rolf; cousin of Paco; nice of Ulrich; grandchild of Margot; stepdaughter of Irene; aunt of Cecilia, Conor, Fiona, Marie and Noah; ex-girlfriend of Erik and Moritz; ex-affair of Tobias; girlfriend of Bambi
Benjamin Kiss Henning Fink 2010– 2nd performer of this role

Father of Micki and Moritz; husband of Ute; ex-fiancé of Britta; stepfather of Conor; son-in-law of Edeltraud; stepfather of Tobias

Marylu-Saskia Poolman Anna Weigel 2010–2014 Co-owner of Konditorei Weigel Daughter of Irene and Wolfgang; sister of Chris and Till; adoptive-sister of Nick; half-sister of Rolf and Sina; cousin of Antonia and Paco; nice of Olaf and Ulrich; grandchild of Margot; aunt of Cecilia, Conor, Fiona, Marie and Noah; ex-wife of Paco; girlfriend of Rufus; ex-girlfriend of Mars and Ralle
Anne Apitzsch Dr. Sonja Beckmann, née. Weidenfeld 2012–2014 Vet Sister of Leonie; wife of Paul; mother of Ringo and Kira; stepmother of Tobias; affair of Paco
Barbara Prakopenka Kira Beckmann 2012– Schoolgirl and presenter at t-time.fm Daughter of Sonja and Paul; twin sister of Ringo; half sister of Tobias; niece of Leonie; ex-girlfriend of Moritz; ex-affair of Bela
Timothy Boldt Richard "Ringo" Beckmann 2012– Schoolboy and temporary worker in the Turnhalle Deluxe Son of Sonja and Paul; twin brother of Kira; half brother of Tobias; nephew of Leonie; ex-boyfriend of Tine; ex-affair of Yannick and Suji
Eric Langer Paul Beckmann 2012–2014 Yoga instructor in the Turnhalle Deluxe Husband of Sonja; father of Ringo, Kira and Tobias; brother-in-law of Leonie; One-Night-Stand of Pia and Ute; stepfather of Micki
Benjamin Heinrich Benno "Bambi" Hirschberger 2013– Mechatronics technician, owner of the car repair shop Rasender Hirsch Grandchild of Lene; boyfriend of Sina
Sarah Hannemann Josephine "Joe" Johlke 2013– Mechatronics technician; temporary worker in Rasender Hirsch Girlfriend of Easy
Alexander Sholti Dr. Sascha Brenner adopt., née Winter 2013– Doctor Son of Renate; twin brother of Björn; brother of Malte; cousin of Easy; affair of Britta
Svenja Jung Lisa Brück 2014– Student at the police academy; escort-girl

Former main roles[change | change source]

Actor Role Duration Connections
Milena Dreißig Antonia "Toni" Schwarz 1994–1995 1st performer of this role
Karin Schröder Sophie Himmel 1994–1995 1st performer of this role

she goes with Olaf and Siegbert Eiler to Vietnam

Ludwig Hollburg Dr. Olaf Schwarz 1994–1995 Father of Antonia; brother of Irene; brother-in-law of Wolfgang; uncle of Chris, Till, Anna and Nick; he goes with Sophie and Siegbert Eiler to Vietnam.
Katja Frenzel-Röhl Melanie Hoffmeister 1994–1995 Sister of Bernd, she goes with Max Shoemaker to USA
Björn Casapietra Armin Franke † 1994–1996 he is shot dead Stephanie Wielander
Sebastian Feicht Alexander Albrecht 1994–1996 Son of Regina and Joachim; brother of Marc; half brother of Claire; he goes as a helper to Brazil
Stephen Dürr Tilmann "Till" Weigel 1994–1996 1st performer of this role

he went to USA

Andreas Köss Lars König 1995–1997 he disappear, after he gave the indebted radio station "City Radio" to Lona and Sven Rusinek
Alexander Osteroth Prof. Joachim Albrecht 1994–1997 Husband of Regina; father of Marc, Alexander and Claire; he goes with the homeless Siegfried to Italy
Nina Azizi Antonia "Toni" Schwarz 1994–1997 2nd performer of this role

Daughter of Olaf; niece of Irene and Wolfgang; cousin of Chris, Till, Anna and Nick; she goes to a friend to England

Beate Wanke Regina Albrecht † 1994–1997 Wife of Joachim; mother of Marc and Alexander; she die of a car accident
Oliver Bootz Christian "Chris" Weigel 1994–1997 Son of Irene and Wolfgang; brother of Till and Anna; adoptive brother of Nick; half-brother of Rolf and Sina; cousin of Antonia and Paco; nephew of Olaf and Ulrich; grandchild of Margot; husband of Corinna; father of Cecilia; uncle of Conor, Fiona, Marie und Noah; he goes with Corinna to the Maldives
Cecilia Kunz Corinna Bach 1994–1997 Wife of Chris; mother of Cecilia; ex-fiancée of Thomas; she goes with Chris to the Maldives
Tilmann Schillinger Bernd Hoffmeister † 1995–1997 Brother of Melanie; husband of Aylin; he falls with his car into an artificial lake formed in gravel pit and dies
Lale Karci Aylin Hoffmeister, née. Eray 1994–1998 Widow of Bernd; she goes with Felix Westermann on a world trip
Marco Girnth Sven Rusinek 1995–1998 She goes to South Africa
Tatiani Katrantzi Jennifer "Jenny" Turner 1994–1998
Maurice Karl Sebastian Sandmann 1997–1998 1st performer of this role
Bodo Frank Marc Albrecht 1994–1998 Son of Regina and Joachim; brother of Alexander; half-brother of Claire; husband of Céline; he leaves Cologne with his wife.
Sebastian Winkler Sebastian Sandmann 1998–1999 2nd performer of this role

Son of Andreas; brother of Gregor; he goes to a boarding school to Scotland

Ralf Komorr Andreas Sandmann † 1997–1999
Verena Zimmermann Jessica Falkenberg † 1997–1999
Vanessa Glinka Alexandra „Alexa“ Falkenberg 1997–1999
Eric Benz Nick Weigel, adopt., née. Neuhaus 1997–1999
Wolfram Grandezka Dr. Roman Klingenberg 1998–2000
Isabel Florido Ilona „Lona Dee“ Dertinger 1995–2000
Arnold Dammann Viktor Falkenberg † 1997–2000
André Dietz Gregor Sandmann 1997–2000
Thorsten Feller Kai Fleming 1998–2000
Diana Staehly Susanne „Sue“ Sommerfeld 1998–2000
Eve Scheer Sarah Foster, née. Engel 1999–2001
Michael Evans Thomas „Tom“ Foster 1997–2001
Sylvia Agnes Muc Laura Böhme 1994–2001
Ole Tillmann Jonas Sommerfeld 1999–2001
Tobias Licht Gideon Kern † 2000–2001
Claudia Neidig Claudia Falkenberg 1997–2001
Wayne Carpendale Maximilian „Max“ Pfitzer 2000–2001
Bianca Hein Meike Wagner 2000–2002
Christian Kämpfer Fabian Rose † 2001–2002
Petra Gumpold Isabelle „Belle“ Rose, née. Minz 2001–2002
Timo Ben Schöfer Stefan Kramer 2000–2003
Gabriele Weinspach Helena Kramer, née. Lasalle 2000–2003
Mario Kristl David Kramer † 2001–2003
Sabine Pfeifer Pauline Pfitzer 1999–2003
Melanie Wichterich Viktoria "Vicky" Kramer 2000–2004
Janis Rattenni Anna Weigel 1994–2004
Thomas Lehmann Dr. Adrian Brahms 2004–2005
Finja Martens Svenja Lindström 2004–2005
Nike Martens Romy Sturm 2003–2005
Tanja Szewczenko Katinka "Kati" Ritter † 2002–2005
Christiane Maybach Margot Weigel, née. Himmel 1994–2006
Sven Waasner René Sturm † 2003–2006
Henrike Richters Kimberly "Kim" Ritter 2004–2006
Torben Brinkmann Oliver Twist 2005–2006
Petra Gumpold Dr. Ariane Sturm, née. Minz 2003–2006
Annika Peimann Lara Martensen † 2006–2007
Alexander Sholti Björn Winter † 2001–2008
Arissa Ferkic Silke Seebach 2006–2008
Olivia Klemke Franziska Gellert 2006–2009
Yvonne de Bark Dr. Pia Lassner 2006–2009
Andreas Büngen Jan Gräser 2002–2009
Sarah Ulrich Romy Sturm 2005–2009
Holger Franke Wolfgang Weigel † 1994–2009
Jane Hempel Sophie Himmel-Eiler, née. Himmel 2001–2009
Anna Julia Kapfelsperger Charlotte "Lotte" Sommer 2008–2010
Andreas Zimmermann Henning Fink 2009–2010
Marcel Saibert Martin "Mars" Sommer 2004
Kathleen Fiedler Anna Weigel 2006–2010
Birte Glang Heidi Danne † 2010–2011
Imke Brügger Rebecca Mattern † 1997–2012
Sarah Bogen Lilith "Lili" Mattern, née. Rose 2001–2012
Martin Baden Nils Hoffmann 2011–2012
Ela Paul Sabine "Bine" Kern 2011–2012
Stefan Franz Rolf Jäger 2002–2013
Mine Voss Suji Wagner 2012–2013
Laura Maria Heid Suji Wagner 2013
Maximilian Claus Erik Hansen 2011
Bela Klentze Bela Hoffmann 2011–2013
Sarah Stork Leonie Weidenfeld 2013