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Upper Galilee

Coordinates: 33°01′46″N 35°19′45″E / 33.02939°N 35.32928°E / 33.02939; 35.32928
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33°01′46″N 35°19′45″E / 33.02939°N 35.32928°E / 33.02939; 35.32928

Location of the Upper Galilee region and Mount Amel (in blue).

Upper Galilee (الجليل الأعلى) is the northern part of the Galilee (الجليل) region in northern Palestine. Today most of it is within the borders of Israel. Its highlands merge to the north with the Jabal Amel (جبل عامل) massif in Lebanon, and its northern border is the Litani River (نهر الليطاني). The mass of the mountains of Upper Galilee and Lower Galilee, located to the south, are separated by the course of the Shaghur stream (مجرى سيل الشاغور), the course of the Majd al-Krum stream (مجرى سيل مجد الكروم), and the Ramah Plain (سهل الرامة), one of the western tributaries of Wadi Amoud (وادي عمود) in the east. To the west, the highlands gradually descend to reach the coastal plain of the Mediterranean Sea, while in the east and southeast, its cliffs and slopes are steep in the direction of Hula Valley (وادي الحولة) and Jordan Valley(وادي الأردن).[1]

Upper Galilee is a high mountain massif cut by valleys and steep slopes. It has high peaks, including the summit of Mount Jarmaq (جبل الجرمق) - aka Mount Meron - which is 1,208m high; the highest in the Galilee (الجليل).

Borders[change | change source]

The Upper Galilee is bordered to the south by the Majd al-Krum Plain (سهل مجد الكروم), through which the Akka-Safad Street (شارع عكا-صفد) passes, to the east it is bordered by the Jordan Valley, and to the north it is bordered by the Lebanese border. On the western side, the upper Galilee mountain ranges descend to the seashore, leaving a narrow beach.[2]

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