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Urban morphology is the field of research, study, study, and design of the form of human settlement and the process of their formation and change. This study seeks to understand the spatial structure and nature of: "metropolis, city, town, neighborhood, compound, or agricultural locality" of any kind, by examining the patterns of the component parts Its and the ownership or control and given of the form of land uses. Usually the analysis of the physical form focuses on the pattern of the street, the plot (or for example in UK "the plot") and the building patterns. Land use analysis specifically is usually conducted using cartographic sources and the development process is derived from a comparison of historical maps. Special attention is paid to how the physical shape of a city changes over time and how different cities compare to each other. Another significant part of this research profession deals with the study of the social forms that are expressed in the physical arrangement of a city, and vice versa, how the physical form produces or recreates various social forms.

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