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Quality guidelines[change | change source]

SimpleWikiProject Music quality standards are listed below with a short explination.


  1. Video game titles should be in italics.
  2. The title of an article should be bolded on first appearance. Important redirects should be bolded on their first appearance, preferably in the lead section.
  3. All articles should have an infobox.
  4. All articles on games should have a lead which discusses its release, a basic summary of its gameplay, and any notable features of the game.
  5. All articles on games should have a Gameplay section, Storyline section (if applicable), Characters section (if applicable), Development section, Presentation section, and Reception section.
  6. No articles should have a list of items, powers, stages, or any guide content.
  7. Articles should be careful to avoid lists.


Neutral point of view (NPOV)
  1. Opinions do not belong anywhere besides the Reception section, and they must be sourced.


  1. Trivial information is not appropriate on Wikipedia. If a particular fact is worthy of inclusion, it should be placed into proper context in the body of an article. Do not use the ==Trivia== (or equivalent) subheading.

References and official websites

  1. Try to find at least one link to the games website and one link to information about the game or the name of a book with information (if listing books try to provide the ISBN number from the back of the book).
  2. Place these references under a header like this:
* Book of All About This Game by Gregory Gamer (ISBN 012345678)
===Other websites===

These lines will look like this:

References[change | change source]

Other websites[change | change source]

Here are two examples of good reference and website links:


Official game website:

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