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Thircuir Books is a Hong Kong registered, independent publishing company specialised in contemporary Chinese arts and culture, and more particularly photography.

Founded in 2011 by French entrepreneur Jeremie Thircuir and Enoia Ballade, the project aims to enhance one’s understanding and appreciation of Chinese art through books, indeed “show the amazing diversity of the Chinese art scene.” 1

Thircuir Books is distributed by GEODIF in France (Eyrolles), Turnaround in the U.K. and I.P.G in the U.S.A and Canada.

Chinese Contemporary Photography Series[change | change source]

This series is Thircuir’s first and major project -a collection of reference about Chinese contemporary photography that showcases some of the key artists of the genre.

To date, the collection is comprised of ten monographs. Each pocket-sized book showcases the artist’s body of work and includes a brief introductory essay. Liu Bolin, Hong Lei, Han Lei Wang Qingsong are amongst the published artists

The books are meant as a point of contact between current Chinese art and the broader public overseas. They introduce initiated and amateurs alike, “the general audience, not necessarily collectors” 2 to different genres and styles of Chinese photographic practices, outlining key facets of the artist’s work. The books draw our attention to the quality and wealth of photographic ideas and approaches found in China today by giving insight into the life and work of Chinese artists. This initiative thus epitomises photography as a “new space of thought between East and West”. 3 The books are meant to illustrate the relatively new phenomenon of contemporary photography in China. Chinese artists are indeed “proposing new visual forms to represent the world […] they reinvent a photograph that often rhymes with painting, sculpture, performance... to better transcend reality.” 4Photography is the medium of choice because it can be considered “more intuitive than traditional art forms” 5 To summarize, “the perspective is Chinese, the language is photographic, the issues are global.” 6

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