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Hello! This page is specially created as a template. Because of that, if you were looking for a page to add free information and knowledge to, you've probably gone to the wrong page and I'd like to kindly please ask you not to add it here. :) But you can check this list out if you were. I'm sorry for creating a silly page, but you know how my roses are buried under the snow, frozen, on these kind of cold winter days. No, really, I just can't get them to bloom at a weather like this! So this is an emergency snack for my dear editors - those sweethearts I gaze at lovingly every day on new changes. Fight on, brave knights! Time flies, and thus roses may wilt, but our project will remain, sweet and simple, forever! ingly, Bella tête-à-tête

Belinda has given you some Hot chocolate with plump marshmallows and foamy cream! Drink it up!