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Hey there, I'm Bluegoblin7 (talkchangese-mailblocksprotectionsdeletionsmovesright changes), a former administrator here at the Simple English Wikipedia and across all of the websites of the Wikimedia Foundation.

You can get in touch with me through a number of different methods. My talk page is available to take messages, but please feel free to use e-mail for sensitive issues.

I try and get involved in any area where I'm needed and also to try and help people out, especially those who remain civil towards me :-)

Here at Simple, my work so far has mainly involved looking after the Did you know section. I've also been active in vandal reversion and in tagging pages for quick deletion and user warnings. I currently maintain one bot, GBot4, an anti-vandalism bot, although have others available should the need arise.

I had my first RfA in January 2009 which unfortunately failed as users felt that my personal life was not stable enough to have the tools. I had my second RfA in early April 2009 which did pass. I voluntarily resigned my tools in July 2009, and failed my third and fourth RfAs to request them back. However, RfA Number 5 did pass and I regained the sysop tools on January 7th 2010.

I began an RfB in July 2010 following suggestions by several members of the community, however this failed as a 'no consensus'. After a, how shall we put it, "heated" debate later in that month, I was 'emergency de-sysopped' before 'passing' a RfdA towards the end of July. I still maintain now that my actions and views were correct in that incident (And always will), however I will accept that perhaps the way that I went about what happened was inappropriate as an administrator. Hey-ho, life goes on.

I completed my main aim on April 3 2009 which was to get Crich Tramway Village to Very Good Article status. I'm really proud of this article and I'm also really grateful to those who helped get it to where it is. The same goes for my second Very Good Article, Victoria line, which was promoted on August 17 2009, and again I want to thank everyone who helped get it to this stage.

I got my first Good Article on September 30 2009, London Underground 2009 Stock, and my third Very Good Article followed twenty days later on October 20 2009. It is Blackpool tramway, although it has since been demoted at my request. My fourth Very Good Article had a complete re-focus and saw me take a music-related article, the song Yellow by Coldplay, to VGA status. VGA number five was back to the tramway theme, with Kingsway tramway subway, and was gained on November 24 2009, with GA number two, another Underground related article London Underground 1967 Stock, appearing shortly afterwards. A bit of a break saw VGA number 6, Epping Ongar Railway, appear on April 20 2010. Many more Good and Very Good Articles will hopefully follow over the next few months.

Now I would also like to get British Rail Class 20, British Rail Class 37, British Rail Class 47, British Rail Class 108, British Rail Class 117, Piccadilly line, London Underground 1938 Stock and British Rail Class 153, to name just a few, to either GA or VGA, and they are my projects for the next few months, as well as completing articles on the Lea Valley Lines and other London Transport articles.

If you need help with anything, just ping me. I've got knowledge of MediaWiki both front end and back end, and i'm always happy to help!