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As of June 25, 2022, I have created a whole bunch of articles, a ton of categories, multiple templates, and several other things.. I've also deleted thousands of pages, told hundreds of people to either take a break or to go away (but I let most of them come back later), and moved stuff around all willy-nilly. I've dubbed hundreds of users with new names and looked at hundreds (and hundreds?) of socks. I have not edited a page in the Help talk namespace yet, but got edits everywhere else. I have over 90 thousands edits, at this point, numbers are just silly.

Im a former admin, b;crat and checkuser. I stepped down when my health took a turn for the worse that left me unable to function normally. Still now back to normal )never will be) but able to function in a limited capacity.

Sometimes feeding trolls is just fun.

Current fave question: Why were the Star Wars movies released in the order 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3? In charge of production, Yoda was.

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