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Welcome to Wikiproject Chemical engineering!

This wikiproject is all about chemical engineering.

Goals[change | change source]

The goals of this Wikiproject are:

  • Create pages related to chemical engineering that have not been created yet.
  • Improving the pages about chemical engineering (for example: expanding, simplifying, adding links, adding sources, etc.).
  • Create new categories when necessary to facilitate navigation between pages related to chemical engineering.
  • Search and create simple pictures to represent chemical equipment and explain how they work.
  • Make a list of discussions relevant to chemical engineering, so everyone that is interested can participate to them.

Members[change | change source]

(feel free to add your user name if you are interested to chemical engineering)

  1. Daniele Pugliesi (talk · contribs)

Discussions[change | change source]

To do[change | change source]

Pages about Chemical engineering[change | change source]

In this list you can found the names of pages related to chemical engineering and actions needed. Some of them are created and need to be improved (blue ones); other pages need instead to be created (red ones). You are free to add other page names.

Done[change | change source]

Pages created[change | change source]

Pages expanded[change | change source]

Pages simplified[change | change source]