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Ed Smith loves Wikipedia! He enjoys reading Wikipedia and fixing things. He is very good at English and often fixes very complex things in the regular English Wikipedia. He tries to learn many languages, but English is his best language. He knows Simple English too, which is a special type of English for people learning English--it only has 850 words! He also reads, writes, and speaks in Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Laotian, Indonesian, Arabic, Thai, French, German, and Russian. (He is not always good. He has an American accent and does not always know how to put the words together. But he tries hard and often.) He knows many computers and writes to them in over a dozen computer languages. He also works with electronics, is a radio operator, and has a radio station--he has listened to radio stations all over the world for most of his life. He is a happy person who loves solving complex problems and designing complex things. He hopes you are happy and wants to help you. Thank you for reading! Have fun!! :-D

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