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Attribution and sources for Ogden word list

Word list[change | change source]

a able about absence absorb absorption accelerate acceleration accept acceptance accessory accident account accounts acid across act acting active actor acts add addition address adjacent adjust adjustment adventure advertise advertisement advice after afterthought again against age ages agency agent ago agree agreement air airplane alcohol algebra all allowance almost along also alternate alternative aluminium always ambition ammonia among amount amounts amplitude amusement an anchor anchors and anesthetic angle angles angry animal animals ankle ankles another answer answers ant ants any anybody anyhow anyone anything anywhere apparatus appendage apple apples application applications approval approximation April arbitrary arbitration arc arcs arch arches are area areas argument arguments arithmetic arm arms army armies arrangement art as asbestos ash ashes asset assets assistant assistants at attack attacking attacks attempt attempting attempts attention attract attraction attractions August authority autobus automatic automobile average awake awakes awaken awkward axis baby back backbone backwoods bad bag balance balcony bale ball ballet band bang bank bankrupt bar bark barrel base based basin basing basket bath be beak beaker beard beat beautiful because become bed bedroom bee beef beer beeswax before behavior behind belief bell belt bent berry bet between bill biology bird birefringence birth birthday birthright bit bite bitter black blackberry blackbird blackboard blade blame blanket blood bloodvessel blow blue bluebell board boat body boiling bomb bone book bookkeeper boot both bottle bottom box boy brain brake branch brass brave bread break breakfast breast breath brick bridge bright broken broker brother brown brush brushwood bubble bucket bud budget builder building bulb bunch buoyancy burial burn burned burner burning burst business busy but butter buttercup button by cafe cake calculation calendar call camera canvas capacity capital card cardboard care carefree caretaker carpet carriage cart carter cartilage case cast cat catarrh cause cave cavity cell centi- ceremony certain certificate chain chair chalk champagne chance change character charge chauffeur cheap check cheese chemical chemist chemistry chest chief child chimney chin china chocolate choice chorus church cigarette circle circuit circulation circumference circus citron civilization claim claw clay clean clear cleavage clever client climber clip clock clockwork cloth clothier clothing cloud club coal coat cocktail code coffee cognac coil cold collar collection college collision colony color column comb combination combine come comfort committee common commonsense communications company comparison competition complaint complete complex component compound computer concept concrete condition conductor congruent connection conscious conservation consignment constant consumer continuous contour control convenient conversion cook cooked cooker cooking cool copper copy copyright cord cork corner correlation corrosion cost cotton cough country court cover cow crack credit creeper crime crop cross cruel crush cry crying cunning cup cupboard current curtain curve cushion cusp customs cut damage damping dance dancer dancing danger dark date daughter day daylight dead dear death debit debt December deci- decision deck decrease deep defect deficiency deflation degenerate degree degree delicate delivery demand denominator density department dependent deposit desert design designer desire destruction detail determining development dew diameter difference different difficulty digestion dike dilution dinner dip direct direction dirty disappearance discharge discount discovery discussion disease disgrace disgust dislike dissipation distance distribution disturbance ditch dive division divisor divorce do does dog doll domesticating Dominion door doubt down downfall drain drawer dreadful dream dress dressing drift drink driver driving drop dropped dropper dry duct dull dust duster duty dynamite each ear early earring earth earthwork east easy economy edge education effect efficiency effort egg eight either elastic electric electricity eleven elimination embassy empire employer empty encyclopedia end enemy engine engineer enough envelope environment envy equal equation erosion error eruption evaporation even evening event ever evergreen every everybody everyday everyone everything everywhere exact example exchange excitement exercise existence expansion experience experiment expert explanation explosion export expression extinction eye eyeball eyebrow eyelash face fact factor failure fair fall false family famous fan far farm farmer fastening fat father fatherland fault fear feather February feeble feeling female ferment fertile fertilizing fever fiber fiction field fifteen fifth fifty fight figure fin financial finger fingerprint fire firearm fired fire-engine firefly fireman fireplace firework firing first first-rate fish fisher fisherman five fixed flag flame flash flask flat flesh flight flint flood floor flour flow flower fly focus fold folder foliation food foolish foot football footlights footman footnote footprint footstep for force forecast forehead foreign forgiveness fork form forty forward four fourteen fourth fowl fraction fracture frame free frequent fresh friction Friday friend from front frost frozen fruit full fume funnel funny fur furnace furniture fusion future garden gardener gas gasworks gate general generation geography geology geometry germ germinating get gill girl give glacier gland glass glove glycerin go goat god gold goldfish good goodlooking good-morning goodnight government grain gram grand grass grateful grating gravel gray grease great green grey grief grip grocery groove gross ground group growth guarantee guard guess guide gum gun gunboat gun-carriage gunmetal gunpowder habit hair half hammer hand handbook handkerchief handle handwriting hanger hanging happy harbor hard harmony hat hate have he head headdress headland headstone headway healthy hearing heart heat heated heater heating heavy hedge help here hereafter herewith high highlands highway hill himself hinge hire hiss history hold hole holiday hollow home honest honey hoof hook hope horn horse horseplay horsepower hospital host hotel hour hourglass house houseboat housekeeper how however human humor hundred hunt hurry hurt husband hyena hygiene hysteria I ice idea if igneous ill image imagination imperial import important impulse impurity in inasmuch inclusion income increase index individual indoors industry inferno infinity inflation influenza inheritance ink inland inlet inner innocent input insect inside instep institution instrument insulator insurance integer intelligent intercept interest international internet interpretation intersection into intrusion invention inverse investigation investment invitation iron island it itself jam January jaw jazz jealous jelly jerk jewel jeweler join joiner joint journey judge jug juice July jump June jury justice keep keeper kennel kettle key kick kidney kilo- kind king kiss kitchen knee knife knock knot knowledge lace lag lake lame lamp land landmark landslip language large last late latitude latitude laugh laughing lava law lawyer layer lazy lead leaf learner learning leather lecture left leg legal length lens lesson let letter level lever liability library license lid life lift light lighthouse like lime limestone limit line linen link lip liqueur liquid list liter little liver living load loan local lock locker locking locus long longitude look looking-glass loose loss loud love low luck lump lunch lung macaroni machine madam magic magnetic magnitude make malaria male man manager manhole mania manner many map marble March margin mark marked market marriage married mass mast match material mathematics mattress mature may May meal mean meaning measure meat medical medicine medium meeting melt member memory meow mess message metabolism metal meter micro- microscope middle military milk mill milli- million mind mine miner mineral minute minute mist mixed mixture model modern modest momentum Monday money monkey monopoly month mood moon moral more morning most mother motion mountain moustache mouth move much mud multiple multiplication murder muscle museum music must myself nail name narrow nasty nation natural nature navy near nearer neat necessary neck need needle neglect neighbor nerve nest net network neutron new news newspaper next nice nickel nicotine night nine no nobody node noise normal north nose nostril not note noted nothing November now nowhere nucleus number numerator nurse nut obedient observation October of off offer office officer offspring oil old olive omelet on once oncoming one oneself onlooker only onto open opera operation opinion opium opposite or orange orchestra order ore organ organism organization origin ornament other out outburst outcome outcrop outcry outdoor outer outgoing outhouse outlaw outlet outlier outline outlook output outside outskirts outstretched oval oven over overacting overall overbalancing overbearing overcoat overcome overdo overdressed overfull overhanging overhead overland overlap overleaf overloud overseas overseer overshoe overstatement overtake overtaxed overtime overturned overuse overvalued overweight overworking own owner oxidation packing pad page pain paint painter painting pair pajamas pan paper paradise paraffin paragraph parallel parcel parent park part particle parting partner party passage passport past paste patent path patience payment peace pedal pen pencil pendulum penguin pension people perfect person petal petroleum phone phonograph physical physics physiology piano picture pig pin pincushion pipe piston place plain plan plane plant plaster plate platinum play played playing plaything please pleased pleasure plough plow plug pocket poetry point pointer pointing poison police policeman polish political pollen pool poor population porcelain porter position possible post postman postmark postmaster postoffice pot potash potato potter powder power practice praise prayer present president pressure price prick priest prime prince princess print printer prison prisoner private probability probable process produce producer product profit program progress projectile projection promise proof propaganda property prose protest proud psychology public pull pulley pump punishment pupil purchase pure purpose purr push put pyramid quack quality quantity quarter queen question quick quiet quinine quite quotient race radiation radio radium rail rain raining range rat rate ratio ray reaction reader reading reading ready reagent real reason receipt receiver reciprocal record rectangle recurring red reference referendum reflux regret regular reinforcement relation relative religion remark remedy rent repair representative reproduction repulsion request residue resistance resolution respect responsible rest restaurant result retail revenge reversible reward rheumatism rhythm rice rich right rigidity ring rise rival river road rock rod roll roller roof room root rot rotation rough round royal rub rubber rude rule ruler rum run runaway rust sac sad safe sail sailor salad sale salt same sample sand sardine satisfaction saturated Saturday saucer saving say scale scale scarp schist school science scissors scratch screen screw sea seal seaman search seat second second secondhand secret secretary secretion section security sedimentary see seed seem selection self selfish send sense sensitivity sentence sepal separate September serious serum servant service set seven sex shade shadow shake shale shame share sharp shave shear sheep sheet shelf shell ship shirt shock shocked shocking shoe shore short shorthand shoulder show shut side sideboard sidewalk sight sign silk sill silver similarity simple since sir sister six sixteen size skin skirt skull sky slate sleep sleeve slide slip slope slow small smash smell smile smoke smooth snake sneeze snow snowing so soap social society sock soft soil soldier solid solution solvent some somebody someday somehow someone something sometime somewhat somewhere son song sorry sort sound soup south space spade spark special specialization specimen speculation spirit spit splash sponge spoon sport spot spring square stable stage stain stair stalk stamen stamp star start statement station statistics steady steam steamer steel stem step stick sticky stiff still stimulus stitch stocking stomach stone stop stopper stopping store storm story straight strain strange straw stream street strength stress stretch stretcher strike string strong structure study subject substance substitution subtraction success successive such suchlike sucker sudden sugar suggestion sum summer sun sunburn Sunday sunlight sunshade supply support surface surgeon surprise suspension suspicious sweet sweetheart swelling swim swing switch sympathetic system table tail tailor take talk talking tall tame tap tapioca taste tax taxi tea teacher teaching tear telegram telephone ten tendency tent term terrace test texture than that the theater then theory there thermometer thick thickness thief thimble thin thing third thirteen thirty this thorax though thought thousand thread threat three throat through thrust thumb thunder Thursday ticket tide tie tight till time tin tired tissue to toast tobacco today toe together tomorrow tongs tongue tonight too tooth top torpedo total touch touching towel tower town trade trader tradesman traffic tragedy train trainer training transmission transparent transport trap travel tray treatment tree triangle trick trouble troubled troubling trousers truck true tube Tuesday tune tunnel turbine turn turning twelve twenty twenty-one twice twin twist two typist ugly umbrella unconformity under underclothing undercooked undergo undergrowth undermined undersigned undersized understanding understatement undertake undervalued undo unit universe university unknown up upkeep uplift upon upright uptake use used valency valley value valve vanilla vapor variable vascular vegetable velocity verse very vessel vestigial victim victory view viewpoint violent violin visa vitamin vodka voice volt volume vortex vote waiter waiting waiting walk wall war warm wash waste wasted watch water waterfall wave wax way weak weather wedge Wednesday week weekend weight welcome well well-being well-off west wet whatever wheel when whenever where whereas whereby wherever whether whichever while whip whisky whistle white whitewash who whoever wholesale why wide widow wife wild will wind window windpipe wine wing winter wire wise with within without woman wood woodwork wool word work worker workhouse working world worm wound wreck wrist writer writing wrong x-ray yawn year yearbook yellow yes yesterday you young yourself zebra zinc zookeeper zoology