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Male genital mutilation (MGM) is some sort of a Mutilation makes on the Genital area of men,boys and male infants and there are four types of Mutilations and the Circumcision is widely popular among them. Circumcision aka MGM Type 1 [1] is performed on men, boys and male infants around the world. It is done for cultural and religious reasons. It is practiced in many countries including Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the United States, Canada, and Australia.[2] This practice is very popular among Muslim and Jew communities. It has been done for a long time for religious reasons. It is very common in some countries like the United States, Australia and Canada for cultural reasons.[source?]

MGM may be carried out by a non-health care practitioner or a trained surgeon. If proper methods are not used, there is a risk of infection, bleeding, and long-term damage to the nerves. Other than circumcision, damage to the penis, scrotum, testes, or glans is also considered male genital mutilation.[3]

Four types of genital mutilations[change | change source]

  1. Surgical removal of part of the foreskin or the entire foreskin totally
  2. Surgical removal of the glans or the shaft of the penis
  3. Surgical removal of the testes
  4. Cutting of the genital, foreskin, glans of the scrotum

Campaigns against MGM[change | change source]

The US-based organization mgmbill has been working to propose a bill to ban MGM in the US. They expect to submit their bill to congress and state legislatures on January 23, 2012.[4]

San Francisco Male Genital Mutilation Bill[change | change source]

San Francisco banned the Male Genital Mutilation which includes the Circumcision, Excise of the foreskin, removal of the testes and the penis without a proper medical reason if the Person is underage, the Punishment can be extended up to one year and up to $1000 can be fined or both if it's proven the guiltiness of the defendant.[5]

Complications of the MGM[change | change source]

Complications of the Circumcision[6] [7][8][change | change source]

  1. Loss of Sensitivity due to Keratinization
  2. Reduce or Loss of the Sexual Pleasure by 4 times [9]
  3. Lose of the foreskin ,frenulum or both
  4. Lose or the Reduce the considerable amount of Sensitivity of the glans
  5. Present Irremovable Scars on the Penis
  6. Increase the Risk of HIV [10]

Complications of the Penectomy[change | change source]

Penectomy has several complications the first and foremost one is it deprives penetration ability thus force the man to go for artificial fertilization when he wants to fertilize his mate. this also deprives the penetration ability and loses the sexual pleasure which can have by stimulated the penis.

Complications of the Castration[change | change source]

Castration is removing of the Testes ,Testes are important for males since it releases the testosterone and help to keep the masculine characteristic of the man this also helps to keep up the sexual urge because the testosterone plays a major role of sexual desire ,the lack of testosterone will lead to lose the sexual desire. The semen and sperm are also produced in the Testes so removing them make the man infertile.[11]

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