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About me[change | change source]

I have read Wikipedia for many years. Now I have decided to join Wikipedia so that I can make it better.

I like a lot of things, and I have learned a lot about them. I have studied and worked in music and computer science, but my knowledge is much wider than that.

I am an anarchist, which means I do not believe it is right for one person, or even many people, to have power over us all. I believe it is better to help people to understand, than to force them to do things my way. I try to be honest, and I know I am not always right. I do upset people by accident. I am sorry for that.

We do not all use English the same way, and that is good. But there are people who cannot read things that don't make sense. Because of this, it is important to work to get things right. I will try to fix errors when I see them. Please do the same for me.

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