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The Tom Joyner Foundation was founded in 1998 as the brain child of nationally syndicated radio personality, Tom Joyner. Joyner's love for his Alma Mater, Tuskegee University transcended into advocacy for all HBCUs. The mission has continued of supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with scholarship, endowment, and capacity building enhancements. The Foundation has provided support to every HBCU since it's founding to help sustain, and preserve the legacies of these institutions.

With a mission to provide programming initiatives and partnerships in support of HBCUs and its communities. The Foundation has provided / partnered the following programs to provide over $65 million to more than 29,000 students :

The Full Ride Scholarship: Annual scholarship only offered to High School seniors with plans to attend a HBCU. Scholarship covers full tuition, room and board (on-campus only) and books up to 10 semesters.

Hercules Scholarship- Weekly scholarship awarded to a young man attending the Foundation's current school of the month campaign.

Allstate Quotes For Education- Annual partnership campaign with Allstate insurance to raise scholarship funds for HBCU's through Allstate's interactive voting and insurance quote website.

Denny's Hunger For Education- Annual scholarship essay campaign which encourages HBCU students to share their solutions on ending hunger within their community.

TJF Fine Arts Scholarship: The TJF Fine Arts Scholarship Program provides four (4) deserving students at HBCU's a $500.00 scholarship from the Foundation. Students are asked to submit their artwork for consideration. The program is funded with money from a portion of the proceeds from the art sales on the annual Tom Joyner Foundation Fantastic Voyage.

Through fundraising and donor development initiatives, $65 million has been raised to support more than 29,000 students attending HBCUs. Additionally, the Foundation has recommended internships, matching grants support, and career development to deserving students.

In the face of new challenges facing not only HBCUs, but our nation’s entire educational system, the Tom Joyner Foundation has expanded its core mission to not only support HBCUs and their students, but to also support the communities that strengthen our schools.

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