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Hi everyone! Thanks for visiting my user page. I am editor and administrator in the English Wikipedia and one of the AutoWikiBroswer (AWB) developers. I try my best to contribute in as many projects as possible.

Edits[change | change source]

Project Account Edit Count
en Magioladitis 270.000+
el Magioladitis 10.000+
pl Magioladitis 3.000+
ar Magioladitis 500+
fr Magioladitis 500+
ca Magioladitis 139
de Magioladitis 117
sco Magioladitis 25
meta Magioladitis 2

Flags[change | change source]

  • Sysop in,
  • editor in (300 mainspace edits plus some more)
  • autoreviewer and editor in,
  • editor (and flood) in,
  • autoreviewer and rollbacker in,
  • autoeditor in,
  • autopatrolled in (500 edits)
  • autoconfirmed in (50 edits)
  • autoconfirmed in (10 edits)
  • autoconfirmed in (50 edits)

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