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Welcome to User:Project~simplewiki, the hub for all WikiProjects. Please note that this currently is a proposal (although chances are, because of the lack of consensus, I may have to just be bold), and therefore is not official. Yet.

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Crystal Clear action loopnone.png Migrating your WikiProject
  • To move your WikiProject~simplewiki across, all you have to do is move it using the "move" tab at the top of the screen. Don't copy/paste it, though.
  • Move it to an unambiguous page. If you are part of WikiProject Television, prehaps, you would move it to User:Project~simplewiki/Television.
  • Move your templates (such as barnstars) if you have them, to another sub-directory, such as User:Project~simplewiki/Television/Barnstar.
  • If your Project is popular, there is probably a link regarding it to the left. Click on it to see what page your main WikiProject page should be.
  • If you aren't on there, don't worry. Port it over anyway, and stick a note on the talk page, or add it to the nav bar yourself.

This user is a doppelganger account of User:Microchip08. After this is all set up, the password will be changed to a mash of the keyboard, so no-one knows the password. In the event of comprimisation, a SHA-512 commitment can be found as a comment at the bottom of the edit window.