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Crystal Clear action run.svg This user is a bot run by gdgourou (talk).

It is used for helping to make many small changes that would take a long time for a person to do alone.
Administrators: if this bot isn't working right or is doing bad things, please stop it.

Merci de me prévenir sur / Please alert me on fr:Discussion Utilisateur:Gdgourou

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Wikimedia project User's Page Status
commonswiki_p commons:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
abwiki_p ab:Участник:Ptbotgourou requested
afwiki_p af:Gebruiker:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted+global
akwiki_p ak:User:Ptbotgourou requested
alswiki_p als:Benutzer:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
amwiki_p am:አባል:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
angwiki_p ang:User:Ptbotgourou requested
anwiki_p an:Usuario:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
arcwiki_p arc:User:Ptbotgourou requested
arwiki_p ar:مستخدم:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
astwiki_p ast:Usuariu:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
aswiki_p as:सदस्य:Ptbotgourou requested
avwiki_p av:Участник:Ptbotgourou requested
aywiki_p ay:Usuario:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
azwiki_p az:İstifadəçi:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
barwiki_p bar:Benutzer:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
bat_smgwiki_p bat-smg:Nauduotuos:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
bawiki_p ba:Ҡатнашыусы:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted+global
bclwiki_p bcl:Paragamit:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
be_x_oldwiki_p be-x-old:Удзельнік:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
bewiki_p be:Удзельнік:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
bgwiki_p bg:Потребител:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
bhwiki_p bh:User:Ptbotgourou requested
biwiki_p bi:User:Ptbotgourou requested
bmwiki_p bm:Utilisateur:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
bnwiki_p bn:ব্যবহারকারী:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
bowiki_p bo:User:Ptbotgourou requested
bpywiki_p bpy:আতাকুরা:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
brwiki_p br:Implijer:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
bswiki_p bs:Korisnik:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
bugwiki_p bug:Pengguna:Ptbotgourou requested
bxrwiki_p bxr:User:Ptbotgourou requested
cawiki_p ca:Usuari:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
cbk_zamwiki_p cbk-zam:Usuario:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
cdowiki_p cdo:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
cebwiki_p ceb:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
cewiki_p ce:Юзер:Ptbotgourou
chrwiki_p chr:User:Ptbotgourou
chwiki_p ch:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
chywiki_p chy:User:Ptbotgourou
cowiki_p co:User:Ptbotgourou requested
crhwiki_p crh:Qullanıcı:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
crwiki_p cr:User:Ptbotgourou
csbwiki_p csb:Brëkòwnik:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
cswiki_p cs:Wikipedista:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
cuwiki_p cu:User:Ptbotgourou
cvwiki_p cv:Хутшăнакан:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
cywiki_p cy:Defnyddiwr:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
dawiki_p da:Bruger:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
dewiki_p de:Benutzer:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
diqwiki_p diq:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
dsbwiki_p dsb:Wužywaŕ:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
dvwiki_p dv:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
dzwiki_p dz:User:Ptbotgourou
eewiki_p ee:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
elwiki_p el:Χρήστης:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
emlwiki_p eml:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
enwiki_p en:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
eowiki_p eo:Vikipediisto:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
eswiki_p es:Usuario:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
etwiki_p et:Kasutaja:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
euwiki_p eu:Lankide:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
extwiki_p ext:User:Ptbotgourou requested
fawiki_p fa:کاربر:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
ffwiki_p ff:User:Ptbotgourou requested
fiu_vrowiki_p fiu-vro:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
fiwiki_p fi:Käyttäjä:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
fjwiki_p fj:User:Ptbotgourou
fowiki_p fo:Brúkari:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
frpwiki_p frp:Utilisator:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
frwiki_p fr:Utilisateur:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted HOME
furwiki_p fur:Utent:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
fywiki_p fy:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
ganwiki_p gan:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
gawiki_p ga:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
gdwiki_p gd:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
glkwiki_p glk:User:Ptbotgourou
glwiki_p gl:Usuario:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
gnwiki_p gn:User:Ptbotgourou
gotwiki_p got:User:Ptbotgourou
guwiki_p gu:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
gvwiki_p gv:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
hakwiki_p hak:User:Ptbotgourou
hawiki_p ha:User:Ptbotgourou
hawwiki_p haw:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
hewiki_p he:משתמש:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
hifwiki_p hif:User:Ptbotgourou
hiwiki_p hi:सदस्य:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
hrwiki_p hr:Suradnik:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
hsbwiki_p hsb:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
htwiki_p ht:Itilizatè:Ptbotgourou requested
huwiki_p hu:Szerkesztő:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
hywiki_p hy:Մասնակից:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
iawiki_p ia:Usator:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
idwiki_p id:Pengguna:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
iewiki_p ie:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
igwiki_p ig:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
ikwiki_p ik:User:Ptbotgourou
ilowiki_p ilo:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
iowiki_p io:Uzanto:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
iswiki_p is:Notandi:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
itwiki_p it:Utente:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
iuwiki_p iu:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
jawiki_p ja:利用者:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
jbowiki_p jbo:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
jvwiki_p jv:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
kaawiki_p kaa:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
kabwiki_p kab:User:Ptbotgourou
kawiki_p ka:მომხმარებელი:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
kgwiki_p kg:User:Ptbotgourou
kiwiki_p ki:User:Ptbotgourou
kkwiki_p kk:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
klwiki_p kl:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
kmwiki_p km:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
knwiki_p kn:User:Ptbotgourou
kowiki_p ko:사용자:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
kshwiki_p ksh:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
kswiki_p ks:User:Ptbotgourou
kuwiki_p ku:User:Ptbotgourou
kvwiki_p kv:User:Ptbotgourou
kwwiki_p kw:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
kywiki_p ky:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
ladwiki_p lad:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
lawiki_p la:Usor:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
lbewiki_p lbe:User:Ptbotgourou
lbwiki_p lb:Benotzer:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
lgwiki_p lg:User:Ptbotgourou
lijwiki_p lij:User:Ptbotgourou
liwiki_p li:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
lmowiki_p lmo:Utente:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
lnwiki_p ln:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
lowiki_p lo:User:Ptbotgourou
ltwiki_p lt:Naudotojas:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
lvwiki_p lv:Lietotājs:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
map_bmswiki_p map-bms:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
mdfwiki_p mdf:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global metawiki_p meta:User:Ptbotgourou
mgwiki_p mg:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
miwiki_p mi:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
mkwiki_p mk:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
mlwiki_p ml:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
mnwiki_p mn:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
mrwiki_p mr:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
mswiki_p ms:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
mtwiki_p mt:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
myvwiki_p myv:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
mywiki_p my:User:Ptbotgourou
mznwiki_p mzn:User:Ptbotgourou
nahwiki_p nah:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
napwiki_p nap:Utente:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
nawiki_p na:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
nds_nlwiki_p nds-nl:Gebruker:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
ndswiki_p nds:Bruker:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
newiki_p ne:User:Ptbotgourou
newwiki_p new:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
ngwiki_p ng:User:Ptbotgourou
nlwiki_p nl:Gebruiker:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
nnwiki_p nn:Brukar:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
novwiki_p nov:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
nowiki_p no:Bruker:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
nrmwiki_p nrm:User:Ptbotgourou
nvwiki_p nv:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
nywiki_p ny:User:Ptbotgourou
ocwiki_p oc:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
omwiki_p om:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
orwiki_p or:User:Ptbotgourou
oswiki_p os:Архайæг:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
pagwiki_p pag:User:Ptbotgourou
pamwiki_p pam:User:Ptbotgourou requested
papwiki_p pap:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
pawiki_p pa:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
pdcwiki_p pdc:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
pihwiki_p pih:User:Ptbotgourou
piwiki_p pi:User:Ptbotgourou
plwiki_p pl:Wikipedysta:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
pmswiki_p pms:Utent:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
pswiki_p ps:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
ptwiki_p pt:Usuário:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
quwiki_p qu:Ruraq:Ptbotgourou requested
rmwiki_p rm:User:Ptbotgourou
rmywiki_p rmy:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
rnwiki_p rn:User:Ptbotgourou
roa_rupwiki_p roa-rup:User:Ptbotgourou
roa_tarawiki_p roa-tara:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
rowiki_p ro:Utilizator:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
ruwiki_p ru:Участник:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
rwwiki_p rw:User:Ptbotgourou
sahwiki_p sah:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
sawiki_p sa:योजकः:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
scnwiki_p scn:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
scowiki_p sco:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
scwiki_p sc:User:Ptbotgourou
sdwiki_p sd:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
sewiki_p se:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
sgwiki_p sg:User:Ptbotgourou
shwiki_p sh:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
simplewiki_p Simple:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
siwiki_p si:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
skwiki_p sk:Redaktor:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted+global
slwiki_p sl:Uporabnik:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
smwiki_p sm:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
snwiki_p sn:User:Ptbotgourou
sowiki_p so:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
sqwiki_p sq:Përdoruesi:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
srnwiki_p srn:User:Ptbotgourou
srwiki_p sr:Корисник:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
sswiki_p ss:User:Ptbotgourou
stqwiki_p stq:User:Ptbotgourou
stwiki_p st:User:Ptbotgourou
suwiki_p su:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
svwiki_p sv:Användare:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
swwiki_p sw:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted+global
szlwiki_p szl:User:Ptbotgourou requested
tawiki_p ta:பயனர்:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
tetwiki_p tet:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
tewiki_p te:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
tgwiki_p tg:User:Ptbotgourou requested
thwiki_p th:ผู้ใช้:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
tiwiki_p ti:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
tkwiki_p tk:User:Ptbotgourou
tlwiki_p tl:Tagagamit:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
tnwiki_p tn:User:Ptbotgourou
towiki_p to:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
tpiwiki_p tpi:User:Ptbotgourou
trwiki_p tr:Kullanıcı:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
tswiki_p ts:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
ttwiki_p tt:User:Ptbotgourou
tumwiki_p tum:User:Ptbotgourou
twwiki_p tw:User:Ptbotgourou
tywiki_p ty:User:Ptbotgourou
udmwiki_p udm:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
ugwiki_p ug:User:Ptbotgourou
ukwiki_p uk:Користувач:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
urwiki_p ur:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
uzwiki_p uz:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
vecwiki_p vec:Utente:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
vewiki_p ve:User:Ptbotgourou
viwiki_p vi:Thành viên:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
vlswiki_p vls:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
vowiki_p vo:Geban:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
warwiki_p war:User:Ptbotgourou
wawiki_p wa:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
wowiki_p wo:User:Ptbotgourou
wuuwiki_p wuu:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
xalwiki_p xal:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
xhwiki_p xh:User:Ptbotgourou
yiwiki_p yi:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
yowiki_p yo:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global
zawiki_p za:User:Ptbotgourou
zeawiki_p zea:User:Ptbotgourou
zh_classicalwiki_p zh-classical:User:Ptbotgourou
zh_min_nanwiki_p zh-min-nan:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
zh_yuewiki_p zh-yue:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
zhwiki_p zh:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg granted
zuwiki_p zu:User:Ptbotgourou Yes check.svg global