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Happy 5,000,000th Commons upload!
Happy 5,000,000th Commons upload!

Hello. I am Sj. Welcome to my user page! characters: Ø, ∅

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Ongoing requests:

  • sockpuppetry? Old request from meta, 2wks out:
    • simple:Wikipedia:User:Hey agasin, guys!!!!
    • simple:Wikipedia:User:Take a look at the main article
    • simple:Wikipedia:User:Working alone tonight Slgrandson?
    • simple:Wikipedia:User:So it took fifteen minutes, not 4 hours
    • simple:Wikipedia:User:Maybe you all should try to protect the page and do an IP check
    • simple:Wikipedia:User:Good to the last drop
    • simple:Wikipedia:User:Niles!
    • simple:Wikipedia:User:Worth Last
    • simple:Wikipedia:User:New user
    • simple:Wikipedia:User:Happy Holidays
    • simple:Wikipedia:User:Dungbuster
    • simple:Wikipedia:Blocking IP addresses doesn't work,
    • simple:Wikipedia:Curps,
    • simple:Wikipedia:Antandrus,
    • simple:Wikipedia:Joy Stovall,
    • simple:Wikipedia:Mysterson.