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What is StatisticsBot?
StatisticsBot is a logging bot for various IRC channels, in particular #wikipedia-simple. It generates statistics that are updated periodically, and can be found at this website. It is operated by Microchip08.
Does it edit Wikipedia?
Not at the moment.
Why does it have a userpage, then?
It has a userpage so that various user-specific settings can be altered. For instance, the bot doesn't know whether one user is male, or another is female. It doesn't know that the user that is Zuzak is also the same user as Microchip08... so this page is here for users to register their details and correct the bot.
OK, how do I do it?
Quite simple. Click the link at the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts.
I have another question.
Never fear, just send a message to the bot and it will be picked up next update, or simply message Microchip08, or one of the bot maintainers! If we think it's a valid point, we'll add it to this FAQ. Or you could. It's a wiki after all.