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This Week's Wikipedian is a humble way to thank everyone that makes Wikipedia a better place for the community. There are always some people you admire for different reasons, be it the quality of their work, their commitment to our project, their tireless effort to make our encyclopedia truly excellent; or their human, kind and warm way to deal with others, making this a better place for everyone else. Many times, such efforts go unnoticed, their silent work unlauded despite the great merit in them. To these outstanding Wikipedians, this little gesture is a modest way to let them know, that someone does notice.

This campaign was inspired by Phaedriel's over at enWP. Over at enWP, this is currently being continued by Rlevse.

Special thanks to Fairfield's list.

My goal is to do this for as long as I am active. I will be listing out the Wikipedians every Friday.

This Week's Wikipedians

Nuvola apps package favorite.png  Barras - For the week starting on July 13
Nuvola apps package favorite.png  NonvocalScream - For the week starting on July 20