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About me[change | change source]

My name's Alexander Chirkin. I was born at 13 August, 1991 in Yekaterinburg, Russia. I created my Wikipedia account at 9th of February 2014. My regional time is UTC+6 (Ekaterinburg time). SO I DON'T DRINK THE ALCOHOL DRINKS AND SMOKE THE TOBACCO! I start and edit articles on mine Compaq laptop with OS Windows 7.

My mission in Simple English Wikipedia is starting and editing pages and templates. Also I think that one Wikipedia has to have at least 200 thousand articles. Now in Simple English Wikipedia has only 231,088 articles. It isn't enough to be the normal Wikipedia. I want to increase the number of artivtles to at least 175,000 Though the Simple English isn't official language and regular English Wikipedia is the main computing language, this Wikipedia needs to . It was created for the people who have other native language (not regular English). I want to increase the number of the articles in this language. But I'm opponent of the too short or unclear articles. These articles make a prevention of the valuablity of Simple English Wikipedia. I hope that these articles will be completed but if nobody wants to compete them I will partipicate in discussion about their deletion.

There are 35 VGAs in this part of Wikipedia.

I want to help people who begin to study English.

In Wikipedia I start and edit articles in these topics:

I support the usage of Article wizard which starts the new Simple English Wikipedia articles. You pass 6 steps with the instructions which help you to create the new (it's possible - your first) article

Usually I simplifize the regular English texts where there are approximately 4,5 thousands of featured articles (here - very good articles)

Started articles[change | change source]

My good and very good articles[change | change source]