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Maya the Bee
First appearanceIn book Die biene Maja
Created byWaldemar Bonsels
OccupationWorker honeybee

Maya the Bee is fictional character bee in serial and book Maya the Bee. Her nature is good, fair, happy and she help everybody with pleasure. In many cases she influence on happenings on the meadow. She was born in bee hive. In hive her best friend is drone Willy, he helped she with break from hive, but he go Maya soon unsuccessfully persuade to come back to hive, when Willy couldnt she persuade, he stay with she on meadow. In contrary with older seasons in third season (new 3D series from 2012) Maya live nearness the hive, Willy with Maya is every day, but he go sleep to hive, Maya every day meet with other bees from hive and she help her hive witch other insect on meadow. In older series Maya was far away from her hive and she was no meet bees from her born hive. In beginning of third season Beeswax wanted Maya eject from hive, because he was worried, that other bees will behave as Maya (Beeswax is idiot :-D, he is intelligent like pear on manure). Queen of the hive it him dissuade, after it, that Maya salvage her teacher Cassandra. Maya is very adventurous, and it she do in many cases big problems. For example Maya survived winter on meadow, she was lost in underground corridors, ant commander of ants she was too. She was do hostage for Thekla, so in order she rescue unfamiliar bug.

Appearance[change | change source]

Her appearance in contrary with other anime characters is variable. In first season her head rounded, but in second season is oval. In third season she is very slim against older seasons and her head is rounded and she have longer feelers. Even so Maya is bee, she have wasp colours (yellow-black). She have four dactyls, like many anime characters. In outserial version she have eyes nearby together.

Relations with others[change | change source]

With majority of residents on meadow Maya have good relations and she is most favourite and most influential person on meadow. Her best friend is Willy and shes biggest enemy is spider Thekla. Her big enemies is too wasps (mainly in third season) and hornets.

In parentheses is seasons when Maya can meet this persons.

Friends[change | change source]

  • Willy
  • Flip
  • Alexander
  • Cassandra
  • Max
  • Ben
  • Rufus
  • Pol
  • Hive queen

Enemies[change | change source]

  • Thekla
  • Wasps (third season)
  • Hornets (first and second seasons)
  • Beeswax (third season)

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