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Mr. Valeriy Pavlov

Mr. Valeriy Yurievich Pavlov. Russian: Валерий Юрьевич Павлов. Born on August 26, 1971 in Sovetsk (Tilsit) Kaliningradskaya oblast, USSR. [[1]] Raised in Leningrad, USSR. [[2]] He was baptized in Russian Orthodox faith in Taurage, Lithuania. [[3]] His father, Yuriy Andreevich Pavlov born in 1949, was a master on international cruiserships. Mother, Evgeniya Mikhailovna Zhuravlёva born in 1952 is a fashion designer. Grandfather, Mikhail Petrovich Zhuravlёv born in 1921, worked at the culture palace, died in 1996. Grandmother of Valeriy, Mariya Vasilievna Zhuravlёva born in 1920, worked as a nurse at the med laboratory and died in 2005. Valeriy Pavlov moved to Leningrad, USSR with his family when he was about 7 years old. [[4]] He was educated by Grigoriy Ivanovich Kiroglo, mathematician Alekseev, Mart Olav Niklus. Mr. Pavlov earned a bachelor’s degree in Management in St-Petersburg, Russia, 1997. [[5]] As well as a degree in Computer Sciences 901.91 in Canada, 2005. A degree in real estate, in Canada, 2010. He graduated from the I.G.S. Security Academy in 2001 and was awarded the Certificate of Confidence as specified in the Monadnock Expandable Baton (MEB-tm), by the Manadnock Police Training Council, Inc. in Filtzwilliam, USA. Before this, his early accomplishments included Military and Civil Aviation in his homeland, Russia, as well as Flying control officer-tariff setter of "Amadeus" and "Gabriel" systems, First Aid Certificate, Personal Survival at Sea, Basic Fire Fighting Techniques, including proficient use of a breathing apparatus, and Emergency Drill Procedures. In recent years, Mr. Pavlov has studied Acting and Theater, securing several roles in movies and television. An active member of UDA since early 2003, he speaks French, Russian, English, Czech. His personal skills and hobbies include boxing, bodybuilding, powerlifting, judo, yoga, jogging, cross-country and mountain skiing. Film credits include: «De pere en flic» 2009, «Tonight the Angels Cried» 2008, «Victim-2» 2008, «Final verdict» 2008, «Le pouvoir cache» 2008, «La famille Lavigueur» 2007, «Live in Pologne» 2007, «The Ring » 2006, «Nitro» 2006, «Pure Laime» 2006, «Sophie Paquite» 2006, «Masha and friends» 2006, «Romeo et Juliette» 2006, «The Covenant» 2005, «Laura Cadieux» 2005, «World of Trouble» 2005, «Detect» Emergenie le Bueau Inc. 2005, «Lucky # Slevin» Bruce Willis 2005, «Endgame in Kosovo» Galafilm 2004, «Et que Dieu benisse l’Amerique » 2004, «Temps Dur» 2004, «The Aviator» 2003,«Elles etaient cinq» Mario Nadeau 2003, «La face cachee de la lune» 2003, «A diffrent loyality» 2003, «Jackie O.» 2001, «Pluto Nash» 2001, «Varian's War» William Hurt & Julia Ormond 2001, «The Warden» 2001, «World War-3» 2001, «The street of red lights» 1999. «Service in Soviet Army» 1989-1991 Mr. Pavlov was in Airforce, USSR.