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The Napoleonic Wars (1803–1815) were a series of major wars. The First French Empire was fighting against a changing group of European countries. The French empire and its allies were led by Napoleon I. The European countries were paid by and usually led by the United Kingdom. Historians often say that there were 5 wars:

Overview[change | change source]

Napoleon seized power over France in 1799. He created a type of government, called a de facto military dictatorship, were the military controlled everything.[2] There are a lot of opinions on the date to use as the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars; 18 May 1803 is often used, when Britain and France ended the only short time of peace between 1792 and 1814.[3] The Napoleonic Wars began with the War of War of the Third Coalition, which was the first of the Coalition Wars against the First French Republic after Napoleon became the leader of France.

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