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I am XKiller59, I love history and I want to help thsi wiki grow and help by sharing my knowledge to every person, I am full English and Spanish, and I would need to be constantly editing the more cientific words into basic words, I would try to advance the chain of command editing pages from WW1 and many topics. I hope I dont get Banned for stuppid reasons as in the Normal English Wiki, which Banned me for supposdely vandalizing pages never seen in your life-time. Just to be clear I will not vandalized any page here but if It ever appears that I banned please consult me before being banned. Also I am 14 years old and live in beautifull but corrupted Guatemala. You can contact me at

You thought you could get rid of me, not so fast, I am ready to continue improving this Wiki, also I would like to say that I feel pretty sad to see that the WW1 Article is still very Simple where´s the improvement?