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School IP address Welcome to Wikipedia, school user! Please note the following:

This IP address,, is registered to Western Michigan University, and may be shared by many different people. If this school uses proxy servers, many people at different computers, or even at different schools in an area, can connect to the Internet through this same IP address. Because of this, a message meant for one person may be read by another, often someone who has not done anything wrong, and a block of this IP address will mean that everyone using this address will not be able to change Wikipedia.

If you are making changes from this address and are getting messages that are not for you, you can avoid this by creating your own account. If you cannot do this, it most likely means that doing so has been stopped so that other users cannot make any bad changes. You will then have to make an account at home and log in with it here.

Please think before blocking this IP. If a block is needed, admins should consider a soft block.

Nuvola apps agent.png Note: If this address is used for vandalism over and over again, making changes without an account may be disabled for up to 1 year at a time, and abuse reports may be sent to the people who run the school in cases of long-term disruption by people with accounts.
Feed-icon.svg School staff, to monitor this IP address for disruptive changes, can subscribe to a web feed of this page in either RSS or Atom format.

Welcome to the Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia! Thank you for your changes. I hope you like changing pages here. Here are some pages that can help you make better changes:

You do not need to log in to read or change articles on the Simple English Wikipedia. However, making an account is quick, easy and free. It also gives you many benefits such as:

  • A username of your choice
  • Your own user page and/or subpage(s)/sandbox(es)
  • Other users can send you e-mails without knowing your address
  • The ability to move (rename) pages
  • The ability to vote in discussions
  • Keep a watchlist to see changes made to pages you are interested in.

You can click here to make an account.

I hope you enjoy your time here. Please sign your comments on talk pages by using four tildes (~~~~). This will make your IP address and the date show up on the page. If you decide to log in, your username and the date will show up instead. Again, welcome, and I hope you decide to stay! Osiris (talk) 01:23, 29 October 2013 (UTC)

User page[change source]

If you want a user page, then you'll need to create an account. Osiris (talk) 01:23, 29 October 2013 (UTC)

en:Wikipedia:Not every IP is a vandal (talk) 01:25, 29 October 2013 (UTC)
Didn't say you were a vandal. Just that you can't have a user page. But since you're adding this content across multiple wikis, I am getting close to blocking you for spamming. Osiris (talk) 01:29, 29 October 2013 (UTC)
What? (talk) 01:30, 29 October 2013 (UTC)
These wikis. Osiris (talk) 01:34, 29 October 2013 (UTC)
How is working on a User page spamming? (talk) 01:37, 29 October 2013 (UTC)
Read the policy on user pages. The content is not related to Simple English Wikipedia, nor to any of the other language versions of Wikipedia you've added it to except the English Wikipedia. Keep it there. We're not a free hosting service. Osiris (talk) 01:49, 29 October 2013 (UTC)
1) Read Wikipedia:User page or en:Wikipedia:User page ? (talk) 01:52, 29 October 2013 (UTC)
Pick one. They both look like they say the same thing, roughly. Osiris (talk) 02:07, 29 October 2013 (UTC)
2) What "content"? (talk) 02:12, 29 October 2013 (UTC)
This is the one and only content I've added. (talk) 02:22, 29 October 2013 (UTC)
Yes, I was referring to the content you added to this link and what you added to User: The same content that is in the 15 other pages on other wikis. Osiris (talk) 02:27, 29 October 2013 (UTC)
I'll wait till "Go to User talk:Osiris#User talk:" is resolved before I respond. (talk)
I'm having a conversation with you, not some "drive-by". (talk) 02:45, 29 October 2013 (UTC)

Not only was/is User: not content (User page space), I was in the process of removing some of it when you deleted the record of its existence. (talk) 02:53, 29 October 2013 (UTC)