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King Bayinnong (พระเจ้าบุเรงนอง), King Rama III in Toungoo Dynasty. Most people, all Thais and foreigners know him as “Phoo-cha-na-sib-tid” (Conqueror of ten directions).

He was born on February, 1646. His original name was “Ja-dhet”. “Ja” means termite, “dhet” means climbing.

King Bayinnong was the king that Burma celebrated him to be “the great king” because of his brave as a warrior. He dominated from Ayeyarwady River to Khong River and colonies for example: Bago or Pegu, Lanchang, Thai Yai, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ayudhaya, Chang Mai and etc. In Archaeological evidence told that before King Bayinnong went to battle, he would respect relic of Cha-way-mor-dor, relic of Bago or Pegu.

King Bayinnong also had a special domination skill and executive skill. He was full of brave, abilities and powerful.

There were many insurgents after King Tabinshwehti died. So King Bayinnong was enthroned and he ascended in 1681. His palace named “Kamboza Thadi Palace”.

King Bayinnong was died in 1711.