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In Finnish mythology, Väki means races of Haltijas (Finnish elves) and their magical powers. Different things in nature had their own väki guarding them. For example, Väki of water lived in and protected water. Väki is the name of both the magical power and Haltijas. Väki could sometimes be seen. They looked like little man-like creatures. Sometimes Väki went inside people and made people ill. Väki makes people ill if they behave badly in their kingdom. For example, if someone shouted in a forest without reason then the Väki of forest may make then ill. Shaman could heal these illnesses by telling the väki to leave the person and go back to its original place.

The other version of väki refers to the realm of the dead. Väki was the anonymous pack of dead people. Once they (väki) had been our beloved ones, relatives etc. but after spending some time in the afterlife they had been become unknown masses of dead creatures without any personal markings.