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VIA Iveria

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VIA Iveria (Georgian: ივერია, Russian: ВИА Иверия) was a Georgian music band ensemble founded in 1968 that gained popularity in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. The group's art director was Alexander Basilaia. The group sang both Georgian folk and contemporary songs, wrote and performed Argo/Lemotif or Nai-Nai-Nai and Jays Wedding musicals, and released 6 vinyl albums on Melodiya label.


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  • Sunrise (1974)
  • Songs About Georgia (1975)
  • How To Forget (1976)
  • Is It Really, That Simple (1977)
  • Nadezha (1977)
  • Beauties of Georgia (1980)
  • 13 Years Old (1982)
  • Tree of Desire (1984)
  • Wedding of the Jays (1984)
  • The Argonauts/Argonavtebi (1986)