Vaginal discharge

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Vaginal discharge is the fluid coming out of the vagina. It can be clear or different colors, white, yellow or green. It can be different thicknesses. Most of the time clear discharge is normal. Clear discharge is part of the menstrual cycle. Some discharge can be from an infection, sickness or disease.[1] The discharge from a yeast infection (Candiditis) is white and thick with lumps.[2] Discharge can be a result of an infection that you get while having sex, sexually transmitted disease. The term blennorrhea is often used to designate mucus discharge from the urethra or vagina.[3] Discharge from an infection called bacterial vaginosis has a 'fishy' smell.[4]

More information[change | change source]

  • The American Heritage® Medical Dictionary Copyright 2007 while blennorrhagia designates an excess of such discharge,[5] often specifically referring to that seen in gonorrhea.

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