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Estimates of disability-adjusted life years from physical violence, per 100,000 inhabitants in 2002.[1]
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Violence is when someone attacks someone else, often to get them to do something they do not want to do by making them feel pain or fear. Violence can mean anything from one person hitting another to a war between many countries that causes millions of deaths. Different people may see different acts as violent. Laws are created often to control violence.

Types of violence[change | change source]

Violence can be:

  • verbal: insults, name calling or anything that hurts another's feelings.
  • physical: fighting, killing, or hurting another;
  • sexual: when a person makes someone else subject to sexual actions they do not want; e.g. rape
  • symbolic: acts done to show you are against a leader or group whose ideas one opposes;
  • racial: when a victim of a violent act is chosen because of his or her race or nationality.
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