Violin Concerto (Beethoven)

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Beethoven 1804-1805

The Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61 is a work for solo violin and orchestra. It was written by Ludwig van Beethoven in 1806 for Franz Clement, first violinist and conductor of the Theatre an der Wien orchestra. It met with lukewarm approval. It did not receive its rightful due until 1844 when it was conducted in London by Mendelssohn.[1]

The concerto opens with a few strokes on the timpani that led some music lovers to call the work the "Kettledrum Concerto". The first movement lasts about 25 minutes. The second movement is serene and free from the dramatic turbulence of the first. The third movement displays a happy liveliness and makes great demands upon the soloist's skills.[2]

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