Virgin Komi Forests

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Virgin Komi Forests
UNESCO World Heritage Site
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LocationUral Mountains, Komi Republic, Russia
CriteriaNatural: (vii), (ix)
Inscription1995 (19th Session)
Area2,645,800 ha (10,215 sq mi)
Buffer zone650,000 ha (2,500 sq mi)
Coordinates63°37′33″N 58°57′9″E / 63.62583°N 58.95250°E / 63.62583; 58.95250Coordinates: 63°37′33″N 58°57′9″E / 63.62583°N 58.95250°E / 63.62583; 58.95250
Virgin Komi Forests is located in European Russia
Virgin Komi Forests
Location of Virgin Komi Forests in European Russia
Virgin Komi Forests is located in Europe
Virgin Komi Forests
Virgin Komi Forests (Europe)

The Virgin Komi Forests is a large woodland in the northern part of the Ural mountain range, in Russia. The forests are part of the Komi Republic of Russia. The forests cover an area of 32,800 square kilometres (12,700 sq mi) and are the largest virgin forests in Europe.

They were made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1995. Most of the area is flat Taiga plain, about 100 metres (330 ft) above sea level. They rise towards the Ural mountains.

They are threatened because parts of the area contain a lot of gold. Illegal logging is also a threat.