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Vistula River
Modlin spichlerz.jpg
Confluence of the Narew and the Vistula at Modlin
CountriesPoland, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia
Physical characteristics
 - locationBarania Góra, Silesian Beskids
 - elevation1,106 m (3,629 ft)
MouthGdańsk Bay, Baltic Sea
Length1,047 km (651 mi)
Basin size194,424 km²; (75,067 mi²)
 - average1,080 m³/s (at mouth)
Basin of Vistula

The Vistula (Polish: Wisła) is the longest river in Poland. It is 1,047 km (678 miles) long.

How it flows[change | change source]

Tributaries[change | change source]

The following is the list of right and left tributaries and the name of a city close by, listed from source to mouth:

Right tributaries

Left tributaries